benefits of personal training

4 Benefits of Personal Training

benefits of personal trainingHow many times have you started an exercise program, only to give up after a few short weeks?  Or perhaps you spend countless hours in the gym but become increasingly frustrated by not achieving any physical results?  Even the most avid fitness enthusiast struggles with the repetition that sometimes comes with daily workouts.  For those who truly need a bit of expert advice and motivation, consider the many benefits of personal training.


Many of us begin a new fitness program with a great of energy and enthusiasm, but keeping this momentum going over the long term can be rather difficult.  Personal trainers are experts at holding us accountable.  They greet us with a smile on their face and a detailed workout routine already in mind.  All we have to do is show up and follow orders.  Even at those times when we feel that we just can’t exercise any harder, personal trainers have the unique ability to believe in us more than we believe in ourselves.

Nutrition Counseling

One of the special benefits of personal training is the additional coaching that we receive in nutrition counseling.  If you are one of those people who workout in the gym for weeks at a time without seeing any significant body changes, then the problem may likely be in your diet plan.  Do you want rock-hard abs?  80% of all 6-pack abs are built in the kitchen rather than the gym.  Personal trainers will take the time to learn your specific fitness goals before designing the perfect fitness program and dietary menu that will get you the results you want in the shortest amount of time.

Injury Prevention

Many people avoid joining a fitness club out of fear that they may hurt themselves.  If you haven’t been to a gym in a couple of decades, the new machinery and technology can sometimes seem rather intimidating.  Personal Trainers will teach you the proper ways to use the equipment and the proper techniques that will prevent injuries.  In cases where their clients are currently suffering from a previous physical injury, they can also design alternative workout programs that will keep you active and promote faster healing.

Maximize Results

One of the best benefits of personal training is that you can workout less and lose more fat.  Professional trainers create highly efficient exercise routines that get you in and out of the gym quickly while burning the maximum amount of calories.  They also are experts in providing immediate feedback on proper form and technique.  By performing the exercises with the right posture and body positioning, you get faster and better results.

Personalized Benefits of Personal Training

One of the primary goals of all personal trainers is to create an exercise program that appeals to the individual client.  They are experts at designing customized exercise routines that will meet your specific fitness goals and objectives.  They pay attention to which types of exercises that you find fun and which ones that you simply dread.  Do you suffer from lower back pain?  Do you want to build bigger biceps?  Or maybe you simply want to shed a few extra pounds before heading to the Bahamas over the winter?  Personal trainers can help.  For more information on the many benefits of personal training, contact Fit2DMax today!

after pregnancy workouts

After Pregnancy Workouts for Your Post-Baby Belly

after pregnancy workoutsFor millions of new mothers struggling with post-baby belly, choosing between the many different after pregnancy workouts can sometimes be rather challenging.  What is the best type of exercise to get rid of that excess belly bulge in the fastest amount of time?  The best way to flatten the tummy quickly is to work the abdominals from the inside out.

After pregnancy workouts: No more crunches.

The very thought of spending countless hours lying on the floor performing thousands of abdominal crunches can sound terribly dull and boring. In fact, studies show that exercises like crunches that only work the outer abdominals can actually make the pooch around the midsection even worse.  After receiving your doctor’s approval, begin your after pregnancy workouts with these simple alternative exercises to get back into tip-top shape.

Pelvic Tilt

New mothers can perform these easy exercises in the comfort of their own homes.  With the pelvic tilt, begin by lying on your back with a pillow under the hips.  Bend the knees while planting the feet firmly on the floor. With your arms lying on the floor parallel to your body, tighten the abdominals while slightly tucking the pelvis upward and inhaling deeply.  Squeeze the buttocks much as you would when performing Kegel exercises.  Hold the position for approximately five seconds before releasing.  Gradually work your way up to ten repetitions.

Pelvic Bridge

After performing about ten repetitions of pelvic tilts, next comes the pelvic bridge.  Position the body in much the same way, lying on the back with knees bent and arms extended parallel to the body.  Inhale deeply.  Then as you exhale, lift the pelvis slightly upward while drawing the abdominals towards the spine.  Your body will form a “bridge,” with space between the buttocks and the carpet.  After about five seconds, lower the hips to the floor while inhaling deeply once again.  Work your way up to ten repetitions before adding the next exercise, heel slides, to your after pregnancy workouts.

Heel Slides

Lie on your back with the knees bent and abdominals relaxed. Next, extend the right leg so that the heel of the foot is pressing into the carpet.  With your leg in a relaxed position, inhale deeply.  As you exhale, push the heel away from the body while focusing on the abdominals.  Start by performing about five slides on each leg, gradually working your way up to ten repetitions on each side.

Towel Pulse

Once again, the position of your body remains relatively unchanged.  Lie on your back with the knees bent.  Now, take an ordinary bath towel and wrap it around the upper shins just below the knee.  With both hands, pull the ends of the towel while squeezing the thighs together.  Inhale deeply.  And while you are exhaling, gently lift the shoulders off the floor while tightening the abdominals simultaneously.  Work your way up to twenty repetitions over the next few weeks.

After pregnancy workouts: Take it Easy

Every new mother is anxious to get back into shape after the birth of a child, but it is important to remember that losing the post-baby belly will likely take a bit of time.  Don’t overdo it, especially in the first few weeks after the birth.  For mothers undergoing a C-section, you may need to wait up to six or eight weeks before beginning your new fitness routine.  But through performing these simple floor exercises for a few minutes each day, you can flatten that tummy in no time.  For more information on after pregnancy workouts, contact Fit2DMax today!

Garage Sessions

Garage Sessions


Due to the lack of the lazy river that runs most wonderfully through the park in my pregnant dreams,  I had to bring an end to my runs during lunch.  What an awesome idea though. Someone should really make that happen. Imagine a park just for pregnant women, with a lazy river they could exercise in, so when the belly’s get too big and the summer heat gets too hot, we can still enjoy nature whilst trying to have a healthy pregnancy. I take a minute to gather my thoughts and ponder upon all that facts that make this a completely nonsensical idea.  A girl can dream.  




Before the interruption of Georgia’s ninety three degree humid days, my runs had begun to take off.  It took a little while, but I got there.  I owe this mostly to my husband, and a piece of advice he gave me a while ago but that I didn’t put into practice until recently. He told me to breath in through my nose, and out through my mouth… and to get it in and out quickly and purposefully.  Simple enough, but I didn’t listen. My way was more comfortable, or so I thought. I took long and slow breaths, I think in some kind of attempt to control my heartbeat.  It doesn’t help that running with Max is like running with a silent machine. He doesn’t…make…a sound. Its as if he doesn’t struggle at all.  Meanwhile I try not to sound like a wild savage by his side breathing like a mad woman. However, one day at the park I decided to give his way a try.  Low and behold, it worked.  To my surprise, I could run much longer and it would take a lot longer for me to get tired. Week after week passed and my times kept improving. I became a proud Momma out there, sporting my pregnant belly while running with my head high.  Breathing with these quick purposeful breaths did make me sound somewhat likin to Cujo, but I’ve accepted that.



So with the park being out, and actually running being out altogether at this point, we had to find a way for me to still get some kind of movement in.  Hence, the garage sessions. Trees have been replaced with shelves stocked with ten year old paint, and butterflies have been replaced by dust flurries. But it’s actually quite delightful. I walk on our treadmill under a steady breeze, courtesy of our floor fan.. and mission accomplished. You really just have to get it in where, when, and how you can. As I only have four weeks left until Talia’s due date, I’m honestly not getting that much in any longer.  Twenty five minute walks here and there is about all I’m up for these days…and they are becoming more and more scarce. I honestly can’t believe that in four weeks our baby girl will be here.  The time has literally flown by like a freight train. I try to imagine the moment I will see her for the first time.  It’s still pretty surreal.  I have the strangest combination of emotions going on within me.  Thrill, excitement, wonder, a little fear. The good kind of fear though.  I call it roller coaster fear.  As you hear the click of the track and slowly rise atop the first hill, you’re a little scared of the fall that awaits you… but you also can’t wait for it.  With hands up and a smile from ear to ear you embrace the rush.  




See you on the other side of labor…

9 Eating tips that will help you get the Weight off

9 Eating tips that will help you get the Weight off

Nutrition is usually a hot topic when I have conversations with my Personal Training clients.   Often times people think that it is the consumption of fat that makes it hard for us to manage our weight.   Although this may be true, I spend a lot of time explaining to my weight loss clients that it’s the hidden things within some foods that make it nearly impossible to lose weight.  The old saying, “what you don’t know can hurt you”, is true in this instance.  I decided to write out some eating tips of things to stay away from to help accelerate your weight loss efforts.

1. If you don’t know what it is, or you can’t pronounce it, then you probably shouldn’t eat it.  If you don’t recognize the ingredient, your body won’t either.

2. Don’t eat any foods that have more than seven ingredients in it.  When you eat foods that have tons of ingredients in them, the majority of the time those extra ingredients are fillers.  These fillers will cause inflammation throughout the body and have you feeling bloated.


3. Put down the Microwavable dinners and Canned foods (with the exception of tuna fish) because they have preservatives in them that make it extremely hard for anyone to lose weight.  You would be better off placing your meals in an air tight Tupperware container or storing them in zip lock bags for future use.

4. Read what you eat!  If it’s going inside of your body, you should know what it is.  Read all of your nutrition labels.  Foods that have a suffix of “ose” mean that it has a high amount of unnatural sugar.  Stay away from these extra sugars.

5. Remove any foods with high fructose corn syrup in it.  This is also sugar by disguise.  The reason why you want to stay away from extra sugar is because sugar that the body can not turn into energy and fuel will be converted into fat.


6. Avoid Genetically Modified Organisms also known as GMO’s.  Although there aren’t any clear cut links that connect GMO’s to chronic diseases, there is an increasing number of studies from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine that are revealing GMO’s to be connected to food allergies, disorders such as autism, reproductive disorders, and digestive problems.

7. Eliminate soda from your diet, and replace it with water and tea.  Studies have shown that two people having similar eating habits, with the same activity level and all conditions being equal that the one person that gives up soda for one year stands to lose as much as 25 pounds.

8. Stay away from Monosodium glutamate also known as MSG.   Some experts believe that the continuous ingestion of MSG can cause excessive weight gain, diabetes, adrenal gland malfunction, seizures, high blood pressure, stroke and other health problems.  MSG can be found in most Chinese food.

9. Substitute your canned foods with fresh foods and frozen foods.    Canned foods have low level food quality, preservatives, and aluminum leaks.   These things will not help to develop a functioning body that is able to manage its own weight.

If your goal is to pursue a healthy life and to lose weight, then it is important to eat the right foods.  Eating foods that are natural, fresh and without additives and preservatives is the best way to manage your weight, and to live an active life style.   When in doubt, just keep it FRESH!



Maxim Nazaire is a Wellness Expert who specializes in  injury rehabilitation double digit weight loss, and running performance.  Nazaire is the owner and Head trainer of Fit2DMax – Roswell, GA Personal Trainer which is a Personal training company with locations in Roswell, GA as well as Atlanta, GA.    He is the author of two critically-acclaimed books including his latest book, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wellness.  Maxim has been featured on CNN Headline News Health as their go to health contributor where he shares his philosophy on wellness with television viewers all over the world.   Max enjoys sports, poetry, and volunteering at his church in the young men’s ministry.  He is married to his beautiful wife Danay Nazaire and currently reside in Atlanta, GA.


You can connect with Max for more fitness tips and advice at these places:

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Why did the Personal Trainer hire a Personal Trainer?

Roswell, GA Personal Training

Why did the Personal Trainer hire a Personal Trainer?

As professional Personal trainer, business owner, and husband to be at the time, I found myself needing an extra push.  It always seems as if there are not enough hours in the day.  I pride myself on being a very disciplined person when it comes to living a healthy and active lifestyle.  I feel like I have to be that way.  My goal is to always find a way to inspire my clients, whether its through words that I use to encourage them, the actions that I take, or the way that I take care of my own body.  At the end of the day my body is the representation of the lifestyle that I lead and a reflection of my body of work.  Can having your body on display to the public be a lot of pressure to maintain an in shape physique?  Absolutely!  I can’t speak for other trainers, but I think this type of pressure is self induced on my end.


Max plank pic

The Real reason why I hired a Personal trainer

Although most people would agree that being in shape comes with the territory in my profession, the real reason why I decided to hire a Personal Trainer was because being in very good shape wasn’t good enough.  I wanted to be in perfect shape… or as close to perfect as can be.   There was something or someone that I wanted to be “perfect” for, so my motivation was pretty high.  Like most people, time is a factor for me because of all of my responsibilities.   And although I am extremely committed to varying the workouts of the clients that I work with, I found that I needed to hit the refresh button for my own  workouts.

max arms pic

Recalling on lessons learned from childhood

As a child, I gravitated towards athletics because like most children, I enjoyed playing.  Whether it was freeze tag, shooting marbles, playing skelly (NY people know what I’m talking about) or football, it didn’t matter what it was, I wanted to play the game!  Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but you play to win the game.   So it wasn’t until very long until I jumped into organized sports.  I played basketball, football and track.  In playing all of those sports, I had  a lot of coaches who poured what they knew into me.  The biggest things that I learned from my coaches as a youth were to remain focused despite your external circumstances, to push towards your goals no matter what your internal feelings are, and that I was capable of doing more than I could ever imagine.  Those are three things that we all can use to progress further in our daily lives, no matter the goal.   The great coaches I had were Coach Mike James,  Coach Speedy, Coach Tony, Coach Moore, and Coach Riley.  Those guys motivated me to do things that I never knew to be possible in my finite thinking.   During those childhood days when I didn’t know what a Personal Trainer or a Motivator was, they were my trainers.  They were training Spirit, Body and Mind.



Leave my pride at the door

Okay, so I have to admit, when I was deliberating on whether or not I would hire a trainer my pride and ego was a big roadblock for me.  I figured, hey I’ve been on TV , radio, I’ve written books  and I’ve trained thousands of people to lead healthy and active lifestyles why should I hire a trainer?  I was really concerned about how people would view me.  I didn’t want the the perception of how people viewed me to change.  I thought to myself, “If people caught wind that I was being trained by another trainer, than I would lose the respect of my clients.”  It’s crazy how our inner dialogue can be self defeating sometimes.  At that point, I had to go back to one of the lessons that I learned as a child – Push towards your goals no matter what your internal feelings are.   At that point it became clear that I didn’t need to push for yards:  I needed to scrap for inches.  That I wasn’t starting from scratch, but that I needed an extra 1% effort to get me to where I needed to go.   There is much to be said about being able to push yourself towards your goals.  I truly believe that it also helps to have someone that can be a motivation to you outside of yourself.    I knew where I wanted to go.  My pride was too heavy, so I dropped it down.   So what were my goals and where was I going?


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The perfect love

The driving force or what I like to call my big “Why” for why I hired a trainer was because of my wife Danay.  I didn’t want to be great.  I wanted to be perfect.  I wanted to give my wife my best me.   Through the Fit2DMax Bridal Fitness program I run into mainly brides who want to fit their wedding dresses just right.  Even when Danay and I trained together, we worked out so  that she could feel good about in fitting that dress for our wedding.  My mother in law also jumped in on the fun and worked out with us as well, and we were determined to make our wedding a timeless event that we would have fond memories of.    Very similar to women who want their dress to fit right, men want to have that suit that fits them perfectly.  We want the broad shoulders, the V shaped back, the strong arms and the tapered waist to show through the suit.   I wanted to be my wife’s Knight in shining armor.  In this case, the armor was a charcoal wedding tuxedo.   When that vision of what I wanted to be for my wife became clear, a biblical scripture came up in my mind.


1 Corinthians 13:4  Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

At that point, there was nothing left to do but to make the call.  My pride could no longer stand in the way.

They call him Coach

So I decided to call one of the best trainers that I know.  My brother from another mother Coach Leander Murphy.  Coach Murph is a Sports Performance coach in the Alpharetta area.   Shout out to Coach Murphy by the way.  I reached out to him because he is highly reputable.  We’ve both worked with high level athletes as well as people who are beginning their wellness journey, and we share a lot of the same fitness  philosophies.  Coach Murphy lives a lifestyle of wellness, and is as strong as an Ox. When you hire a trainer, it’s very important that you choose someone who you respect.  I respect him tremendously and he is truly one of my best friends.   I mentioned the best friend thing because I don’t just trust anyone with my body because it’s my livelihood and my life.  At the end of the day, I knew that I could trust him to get the most out of my body without hurting it.

So just like that, I’m whipping through Atlanta on I-75 via College Park all the way up to Alpharetta to train with my buddy Coach Murph.  We were doing things that I haven’t done in a while, things that I love, but got away from like box jumps, tire flips, dynamic drills, sprints with weighted sleds and Olympic lifts.   Training with Coach Murphy was a valuable experience for these reasons.

1.  It increased the level of empathy that I had for my clients.  Trying to make a training session when you have appointments all over the place can be tough.  It allowed me to be more encouraging if clients came late to sessions due to their busy work load.  Flipping the script and becoming the client has done wonders for how I interact with them and how I train the Fit2DMax team on how to offer a better service to our clients.

2. Although I push myself harder than most, it was key to have Coach Murph pushing me when I reached moments of weakness and thought that I couldn’t push anymore.  Like all great trainers do, Coach Murph had a bigger vision of me, than I had of me.  If I was pushing up to 95% then Coach Murph TYGTAL’ed me which is an acronym for Take Your Game To Another Level.  That extra 5% is something that can often make you or break you.  We all need to be at 100%.  How you get there is all up to you.

3.  Great trainers create an environment that generates success.  Driving up to those sessions, so many times I was thinking about all the fires I had to put out and all of the problems I had to solve.  When I walked through those doors, it was time to work and as the old spiritual says, “Lay my burdens down”.  My goal was again, to be the best that I can be for Danay.  It is all about your environment at the end of the day.   You should always create or inject yourself into a successful environment and a winning culture. Someone once told me that if you want to be a thoroughbred that you have to surround yourself around thoroughbreds.

After all, the jumping, the sprinting, the lifting and sweating, and what were the results? Our Wedding in Roswell, GA!   See below:

View More:

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The reason why I wrote this post was because I wanted to be transparent with you and share a little bit about my life.   The moral of the story is that everyone can use a little push sometimes.  I want to thank Coach Murphy for being to push that I needed.  If you are looking for a Sports Performance Coach you can find Coach Murph at  If you are looking for a weight loss specialist or someone to get you into the best shape of your life, the Team at Fit2DMax Roswell will always be here to help you with your fitness and wellness needs.



Back in the saddle again, kind of…

Roswell GA Personal Training

The She side of Fit2DMax Roswell

Back in the saddle again, kind of…

Danay blog photo

It was a beautiful spring evening in Atlanta, and the air was that just right spring kind of perfect. Warm but not hot, with a light breeze revealing itself every so often.  I could not have asked for more perfect running conditions. My husband Max and I had dubbed Tuesday’s to be our evening run and two dollar tacos night. So we found a parking space and I began to gather myself for my first time running in about three months. Peering at the shattered window glass by our car I said a silent prayer and put a Bible in the front seat. If I would have known what awaited me I would have left the car out of it and just prayed for myself.


I was feeling a bit confident. Proudly sporting a tight coral top that showed my small emerging tummy, which at this point just looked more like I had one too many beers. Going off of my memory of three to four months ago, I was pretty sure I could run a fair distance. As of late, I had my energy back that had been robbed of me by my first trimester, so although I knew it wouldn’t be a piece of cake I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. Here we go, back in the saddle. Well, after what was only a minute but felt like twenty, I knew I was in danger of failing miserably. I slowly saw my pride slip down to the concrete and get trampled over. I could hardly breath. Each step felt like a desperate crawl. I was so embarrassed. My poor husband and his long legs could barely run slow enough to stay with my turtle’s pace. After noticing my struggle Max concluded, as the time keeper, that our running increments in between walking would have to be shortened. I continued to struggle throughout the duration of my attempted walk-run. Each slight incline felt like Mount Everest.  And so, that beautiful spring evening turned into a scorching and dry marathon through the Sahara.


And then there were tacos…thank God, there were tacos. They gave me life. I guess saying failed miserably may be just a bit dramatic. I by no means met my own standards, but I did accomplish something. A beginning. It may not have been the prettiest picture, but you’ve got to start somewhere right? No one gets into the best shape of their life over night. It’s going to take a little bit of ugly, to get to the beautiful. Clearly.



Looking forward to the beautiful

Guilty, Lazy Bum?

Roswell, Georgia Premier Personal Training.   The She Side of Fit2DMax:  Introducing Journeys of Danay!

Guilty, Lazy Bum?

Blog photo 3


Looking down at this growing belly of mine, my mind fills with wonder at this miraculous truth.  My body is this little precious one’s home for now, as the Creator weaves our baby’s tiny heart together within me. It is almost too much for my mind to fathom. All of this is still so new, and is such an unknown and massive space to shuttle out into. I sit back and let the word take flight before me.  Motherhood.  I have no idea what to expect, and I have no idea what this will feel like.



The eyes of my soul are wide open and filled with excitement. The two eyes planted in this square shaped head of mine however, are half closed, droopy, and wanting to see the back of my eyelids about…ninety-seven percent of the time. They warned me that I would be tired, but not daily overdose on night time benadryl kind of tired.  Everyday I set off with my semi-satisfying cup of decaf tea, and head to work. The office feels more like a jail cell these days, keeping me away from the coveted world of sleep.  I sit in my cell and try my best to be productive, as my heavy eyelids and my brain battle throughout the day over who will reign supreme.  After this grueling day of war I sleepily drag myself home to my wonderful, loving, fitness expert husband, who’s very presence reminds me of the importance of working out. With one eyebrow raised and lips twisted I think to myself, “work out who?” Not I.  No thank you. Let me just find my way over this mountain of eight stairs that stand between myself and the open arms of my dearly beloved comforter and down pillows, whom I’ve longed for all day. Victory. I smile as I lay back into my day’s finish line. Ah yes… right now, these are the moments I live for. This, my day’s relief and joy.



Two and a half months of this go by, and although justified in my fatigue, a wave of guilt has swept over me. I feel lazy, and I feel like a bum. There is this inner voice within me that says you should be able to master this, mind over matter, get up. Maybe it’s the side effect of being a Marine’s daughter. My father made sure to make me aware of the fact, that “pain is weakness leaving your body.” So with my pride and my tired eyes in tow, I whipped out some work out clothes that hardly fit any longer, and I geared up to have my first pregnancy workout. I proceeded to have the worst, most horrid and deflating workout of my life. I have come to the conclusion, that maybe it’s not the wisest idea to try and pull off a workout from a place of complete exhaustion. Pregnancy exhaustion to be more precise. While some women may be able to glide through first trimester workouts victoriously with ease, I…am not that one. Can I get a witness? Lazy bum I am not. First time pregnant woman I am. I’ll just take this journey one day at a time. My hope lies in the stories I’ve heard of energetic second trimesters. Tennis shoes and spandex pants, I will see you then.



Hoping in second trimester


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Introduction to Journeys of Danay: The She side to Fit2DMax

Danay Maxim-wedding push up


Hi, my name is Danay. I am Max’s wife, and the she side of Fit2DMax I suppose you could say. Newly married, and even more newly pregnant, I have started to chronicle some of my journey. I am no fitness expert genius like my husband, but I figured opening a few windows into my life could offer a little humor, encouragement, and honesty as it relates to day to day issues that women face when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I have always been pretty athletic. Growing up the little sister of two older brothers, I loved sports more than I did dolls. That being said, staying in good shape was never really a challenge….before. But now the age of thirty has passed me by and a baby girl is changing all of that.  I will be facing challenges unlike any I have ever faced before.

Blog photo 2


Feel free to join me in my new adventures, as my waistline disappears and I traverse across these exciting and foreign lands of motherhood.

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A mother, a grandmother, and nurturer by nature decides to treat herself to a new lifestyle


I want to introduce you to Jennifer Franklin.  Jennifer was the winner of the 21 Day Weight loss contest!  She lost over 10 lbs in 21 days.  The 21 day weight lost challenge came on time for her because it gave her the kick start she needed to get going.  It can be hard to start your weight loss journey.  For Jennifer she made the decision to start and is well on her way to reaching her goal of losing 30lbs.    Read Jennifer’s take on her Fit2DMax Roswell weight loss journey.


 Jennifer Franklin @ Fit2DMax Roswell after losing a healthy amount of weight can't even fit her clothes.

Jennifer Franklin @ Fit2DMax Roswell after losing a healthy amount of weight can’t even fit her clothes.


Hey ya’ll, my name is Jennifer Franklin.  I’m 54 years old.
When I started with Fit2DMax Roswell, my goals were to to recover fully from a back and hip injury and return to my usual active lifestyle.  My secondary goal is to fit into a size 8 by my 55th birthday which is on September 1.
Why I love my trainer?  Although I consider myself to be a determined and driven person who like making and reaching goals, I needed a trainer to keep me on track and focused.  Max of Fit2DMax Roswell is great at encouraging and supporting and PUSHING me to meet and exceed my limits.

Because of Max’s training and experience I knew I could trust him to guide me through the fears and limitations I have as a result of my accident and chronic back issues. I get a huge amount out of our biweekly sessions AND I now can go to the gym and use the machines and equipment with confidence.

Best part of working with Fit2DMax – Doing something for myself. As a mother and grandmother I often do for others, being nurturing is in my dna but in the process of taking care of others, I forgot myself. Working out, eating right and focusing on my own well-being has changed every part of my life in amazing ways. And it has made me a better parent and grandparent, as I now can share my new lifestyle, working out and being active with my family.

Hardest part – The gym. I am not athletic, I was a book worm as a child and have never participated in sports of any kind. Add to that a serious fear of injury due to my physical limitations. I had a lot of preconceived ideas about people who went to gyms and felt I didn’t fit in and I felt very self-conscious of my appearance and age at the gym. But because I now know how to use the equipment – correct posture and form, number of reps, correct weight, time etc., I can utilize the gym with confidence and I have learned to not only appreciate but love it.  And I enjoy pushing myself to make and achieve new goals. Nothing feels better than leaving the gym after a challenging workout and knowing I DID IT.


As you can see, Fit2DMax in Roswell, GA has only been open for about a month and we are already making a difference.  Make a change in your life with Fit2DMax Roswell by signing up for our 21 day Fat Loss contest.   Call 404 913 2629 or email us today at to make a choice that will change your life for the better.