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Workout Routines to Get Fit for My Wedding

get fit for my weddingJoin us for a “Get fit for my wedding” workout program. We want to help you prepare for this transitional life event. Imagine standing at the ceremony feeling and looking your best. Our fitness trainers strive to help you reach your wedding wellness goals. We can also prepare you for an active honeymoon that may include hiking, biking, swimming and more. Your wedding is one of the happiest moments in your life, but as you plan the honeymoon and the wedding, you realize how many hours a week the planning requires. It may be tempting to forget the workout and try on wedding dresses or spend time taking virtual tours of honeymoon suites, but we will keep you committed and consistent with your “Get fit for my wedding” program. Our bridal fitness programs use various workout techniques including boot camps, strength training, circuit training and interval training to slim, tone and strengthen your body. We help you achieve the look you desire for your big day.

How do I get fit for my wedding?

You call us! Fit2DMAX is here to support you through this major life event. Our bridal workout program will help you reach your weight loss goals and we provide educational advice on the importance of combining healthy eating with your exercise regimen. Our trainers guide you through intense and effective workout sessions that target your core so you arrive strong and slim for your wedding. We also use a variety of resistance equipment to tone your arms and shoulders- you may even choose to wear a sleeveless gown to show your new definition. Our wedding workouts help you reduce the size of your legs and hips for a sexy look that will carry you confidently down the aisle.

Your wedding workouts are also a wonderful way to reduce the stress that may accompany your wedding planning. Exercise releases endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers and mood-boosters. No longer will you crash out on the couch every evening. Instead, you return home feeling energized and focused and better able to make your wedding decisions. As your mind-body connection improves, so does your self confidence. You look and feel your best for your wedding day and all the days after. We want to form a lasting relationship with you and encourage you through all of life’s transitions. After your wedding, we are here to provide pre-natal workouts and more.

If you are ready to look your best and preserve that look in your wedding photos, call us today at 404-913-2629 to schedule your Bridal boot camp or private “Get fit for my wedding” workout. Our trainers are ready to learn your goals for the big day and provide a personalized workout routine to help you reach them quickly.

The Joys of Motherhood

Baby Baby Baby: The Joys of Motherhood

The Joys of MotherhoodTrying to gather my thoughts these days is like going on a three nights journey all in itself. The pregnancy fog never quite lifted. Instead, it graduated, went into the army, and became the best fog it could be. Oh, but it’s a lovely fog. A pink and fuzzy one filled to the brim with everything Talia Rose. While yes, I lose my car keys and a pacifier every single day, and my retention for new information is barely sixty seconds, I wouldn’t trade this for ANYTHING. I truly, truly, truly to the infinite power love being a Mother. Fair warning, the new mommy syndrome is real…and I have it. Needless to say this entire blog will be about Talia and the joys of motherhood, hence the title. But as a new mom I feel I’m entitled to at least one blog completely dedicated to my new love. I seriously don’t know how on Earth to even articulate all that I’ve experienced since October 21, 2015. But without further ado, let the scattered brain mommy bliss begin.

The Joys of Motherhood and the Delivery

I love thinking back to the day of my labor and the excitement of it all… Max and I singing The Final Countdown at the top of our lungs at five in the morning while timing early contractions… He, my mother and I having lunch all the way across town when the nurse called us to come in… The nurses and their incredible, incredible kindness and good humor… The endless supply of Ocean Spray Cran-grape Juice that seemed to come from Heaven… Looking over in the middle of the night and seeing Max and Mom asleep near by. Talia was born the next day at 12:17pm. I’ll never forget, they turned her around and her arms were spread wide open as they plopped her down on my chest. My tears ran to meet her. Labor is a strange thing. On the one hand, it’s the greatest pain you have ever felt, accompanied with a vast array of unrivaled discomforts. Absolutely all modesty is shot to the wind as a whole host of strangers are now privy to…your pocket book, as my Grandmother used to say. And then on the other hand, you have the pure miracle of it all… and this new collection of snapshots and memories that make it such a unique and treasured window in time. Yeah…it hurt, but the beauty of it is indescribable.

The Joys of Motherhood and Everyday Life

My sweet Tally is now three months old. She’s sprouting up like a tree and filling the house with huge smiles and a colorful cooing vocabulary. It amazes me how with each day I seem to fall even deeper in love with her. She’s my roll dog, bestie, butter pecan sugar booger. We do everything together. Even now she’s sleeping on my chest as I type this, because if I put her down she’ll wake up and then I won’t get anything done. This little girl’s love language is definitely touch.

These days are beautiful. But it’s not always butterflies, rainbows and daisies. One minute I’m thanking God and telling Him I can’t believe my life is so awesome. And then the next minute I’m completely frazzled and praying, “Jesus please help me”. Each day comes with it’s blessings, and each day comes with it’s challenges. As I am being brought into new territory that is causing me to rely on the Lord in ways I never have before, I can really feel Him drawing me into Himself and stretching my trust in Him. I find it so important to start my day with Him. Sharing my quiet time with my little one is a little different but it’s precious. I pray that the scriptures and prayers seep down into her little roots and take up permanent residence, watering her spirit as she grows.

The Joys of Motherhood and Fitness

On the fitness side of things, I’m easing my way through. I’m not setting myself up with great expectations of a three month snapback, I’m just taking it one day at a time. I’m eating pretty healthy and I get exercise about four times a week. I know that if I’m doing the right things the weight will start to fall off in good time. So I’m not trapped in a rhythm of checking my weight everyday. The results will follow the work. In the meantime, my focus is on giving my all to the Lord, and the precious ones He’s blessed my life with. I pray to be the clay in the Potter’s hands… mold me and shape me as you will, fill my heart with your love, take me over.

Garage Sessions

Garage Sessions


Due to the lack of the lazy river that runs most wonderfully through the park in my pregnant dreams,  I had to bring an end to my runs during lunch.  What an awesome idea though. Someone should really make that happen. Imagine a park just for pregnant women, with a lazy river they could exercise in, so when the belly’s get too big and the summer heat gets too hot, we can still enjoy nature whilst trying to have a healthy pregnancy. I take a minute to gather my thoughts and ponder upon all that facts that make this a completely nonsensical idea.  A girl can dream.  




Before the interruption of Georgia’s ninety three degree humid days, my runs had begun to take off.  It took a little while, but I got there.  I owe this mostly to my husband, and a piece of advice he gave me a while ago but that I didn’t put into practice until recently. He told me to breath in through my nose, and out through my mouth… and to get it in and out quickly and purposefully.  Simple enough, but I didn’t listen. My way was more comfortable, or so I thought. I took long and slow breaths, I think in some kind of attempt to control my heartbeat.  It doesn’t help that running with Max is like running with a silent machine. He doesn’t…make…a sound. Its as if he doesn’t struggle at all.  Meanwhile I try not to sound like a wild savage by his side breathing like a mad woman. However, one day at the park I decided to give his way a try.  Low and behold, it worked.  To my surprise, I could run much longer and it would take a lot longer for me to get tired. Week after week passed and my times kept improving. I became a proud Momma out there, sporting my pregnant belly while running with my head high.  Breathing with these quick purposeful breaths did make me sound somewhat likin to Cujo, but I’ve accepted that.



So with the park being out, and actually running being out altogether at this point, we had to find a way for me to still get some kind of movement in.  Hence, the garage sessions. Trees have been replaced with shelves stocked with ten year old paint, and butterflies have been replaced by dust flurries. But it’s actually quite delightful. I walk on our treadmill under a steady breeze, courtesy of our floor fan.. and mission accomplished. You really just have to get it in where, when, and how you can. As I only have four weeks left until Talia’s due date, I’m honestly not getting that much in any longer.  Twenty five minute walks here and there is about all I’m up for these days…and they are becoming more and more scarce. I honestly can’t believe that in four weeks our baby girl will be here.  The time has literally flown by like a freight train. I try to imagine the moment I will see her for the first time.  It’s still pretty surreal.  I have the strangest combination of emotions going on within me.  Thrill, excitement, wonder, a little fear. The good kind of fear though.  I call it roller coaster fear.  As you hear the click of the track and slowly rise atop the first hill, you’re a little scared of the fall that awaits you… but you also can’t wait for it.  With hands up and a smile from ear to ear you embrace the rush.  




See you on the other side of labor…

9 Eating tips that will help you get the Weight off

9 Eating tips that will help you get the Weight off

Nutrition is usually a hot topic when I have conversations with my Personal Training clients.   Often times people think that it is the consumption of fat that makes it hard for us to manage our weight.   Although this may be true, I spend a lot of time explaining to my weight loss clients that it’s the hidden things within some foods that make it nearly impossible to lose weight.  The old saying, “what you don’t know can hurt you”, is true in this instance.  I decided to write out some eating tips of things to stay away from to help accelerate your weight loss efforts.

1. If you don’t know what it is, or you can’t pronounce it, then you probably shouldn’t eat it.  If you don’t recognize the ingredient, your body won’t either.

2. Don’t eat any foods that have more than seven ingredients in it.  When you eat foods that have tons of ingredients in them, the majority of the time those extra ingredients are fillers.  These fillers will cause inflammation throughout the body and have you feeling bloated.


3. Put down the Microwavable dinners and Canned foods (with the exception of tuna fish) because they have preservatives in them that make it extremely hard for anyone to lose weight.  You would be better off placing your meals in an air tight Tupperware container or storing them in zip lock bags for future use.

4. Read what you eat!  If it’s going inside of your body, you should know what it is.  Read all of your nutrition labels.  Foods that have a suffix of “ose” mean that it has a high amount of unnatural sugar.  Stay away from these extra sugars.

5. Remove any foods with high fructose corn syrup in it.  This is also sugar by disguise.  The reason why you want to stay away from extra sugar is because sugar that the body can not turn into energy and fuel will be converted into fat.


6. Avoid Genetically Modified Organisms also known as GMO’s.  Although there aren’t any clear cut links that connect GMO’s to chronic diseases, there is an increasing number of studies from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine that are revealing GMO’s to be connected to food allergies, disorders such as autism, reproductive disorders, and digestive problems.

7. Eliminate soda from your diet, and replace it with water and tea.  Studies have shown that two people having similar eating habits, with the same activity level and all conditions being equal that the one person that gives up soda for one year stands to lose as much as 25 pounds.

8. Stay away from Monosodium glutamate also known as MSG.   Some experts believe that the continuous ingestion of MSG can cause excessive weight gain, diabetes, adrenal gland malfunction, seizures, high blood pressure, stroke and other health problems.  MSG can be found in most Chinese food.

9. Substitute your canned foods with fresh foods and frozen foods.    Canned foods have low level food quality, preservatives, and aluminum leaks.   These things will not help to develop a functioning body that is able to manage its own weight.

If your goal is to pursue a healthy life and to lose weight, then it is important to eat the right foods.  Eating foods that are natural, fresh and without additives and preservatives is the best way to manage your weight, and to live an active life style.   When in doubt, just keep it FRESH!



Maxim Nazaire is a Wellness Expert who specializes in  injury rehabilitation double digit weight loss, and running performance.  Nazaire is the owner and Head trainer of Fit2DMax – Roswell, GA Personal Trainer which is a Personal training company with locations in Roswell, GA as well as Atlanta, GA.    He is the author of two critically-acclaimed books including his latest book, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wellness.  Maxim has been featured on CNN Headline News Health as their go to health contributor where he shares his philosophy on wellness with television viewers all over the world.   Max enjoys sports, poetry, and volunteering at his church in the young men’s ministry.  He is married to his beautiful wife Danay Nazaire and currently reside in Atlanta, GA.


You can connect with Max for more fitness tips and advice at these places:

Youtube: search Fit2DMax

Facebook: search Fit2DMaxRoswellGAPersonalTrainer

Twitter: search Fit2DMax

Instagram: search CoachMaxim

Why did the Personal Trainer hire a Personal Trainer?

Roswell, GA Personal Training

Why did the Personal Trainer hire a Personal Trainer?

As professional Personal trainer, business owner, and husband to be at the time, I found myself needing an extra push.  It always seems as if there are not enough hours in the day.  I pride myself on being a very disciplined person when it comes to living a healthy and active lifestyle.  I feel like I have to be that way.  My goal is to always find a way to inspire my clients, whether its through words that I use to encourage them, the actions that I take, or the way that I take care of my own body.  At the end of the day my body is the representation of the lifestyle that I lead and a reflection of my body of work.  Can having your body on display to the public be a lot of pressure to maintain an in shape physique?  Absolutely!  I can’t speak for other trainers, but I think this type of pressure is self induced on my end.


Max plank pic

The Real reason why I hired a Personal trainer

Although most people would agree that being in shape comes with the territory in my profession, the real reason why I decided to hire a Personal Trainer was because being in very good shape wasn’t good enough.  I wanted to be in perfect shape… or as close to perfect as can be.   There was something or someone that I wanted to be “perfect” for, so my motivation was pretty high.  Like most people, time is a factor for me because of all of my responsibilities.   And although I am extremely committed to varying the workouts of the clients that I work with, I found that I needed to hit the refresh button for my own  workouts.

max arms pic

Recalling on lessons learned from childhood

As a child, I gravitated towards athletics because like most children, I enjoyed playing.  Whether it was freeze tag, shooting marbles, playing skelly (NY people know what I’m talking about) or football, it didn’t matter what it was, I wanted to play the game!  Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but you play to win the game.   So it wasn’t until very long until I jumped into organized sports.  I played basketball, football and track.  In playing all of those sports, I had  a lot of coaches who poured what they knew into me.  The biggest things that I learned from my coaches as a youth were to remain focused despite your external circumstances, to push towards your goals no matter what your internal feelings are, and that I was capable of doing more than I could ever imagine.  Those are three things that we all can use to progress further in our daily lives, no matter the goal.   The great coaches I had were Coach Mike James,  Coach Speedy, Coach Tony, Coach Moore, and Coach Riley.  Those guys motivated me to do things that I never knew to be possible in my finite thinking.   During those childhood days when I didn’t know what a Personal Trainer or a Motivator was, they were my trainers.  They were training Spirit, Body and Mind.



Leave my pride at the door

Okay, so I have to admit, when I was deliberating on whether or not I would hire a trainer my pride and ego was a big roadblock for me.  I figured, hey I’ve been on TV , radio, I’ve written books  and I’ve trained thousands of people to lead healthy and active lifestyles why should I hire a trainer?  I was really concerned about how people would view me.  I didn’t want the the perception of how people viewed me to change.  I thought to myself, “If people caught wind that I was being trained by another trainer, than I would lose the respect of my clients.”  It’s crazy how our inner dialogue can be self defeating sometimes.  At that point, I had to go back to one of the lessons that I learned as a child – Push towards your goals no matter what your internal feelings are.   At that point it became clear that I didn’t need to push for yards:  I needed to scrap for inches.  That I wasn’t starting from scratch, but that I needed an extra 1% effort to get me to where I needed to go.   There is much to be said about being able to push yourself towards your goals.  I truly believe that it also helps to have someone that can be a motivation to you outside of yourself.    I knew where I wanted to go.  My pride was too heavy, so I dropped it down.   So what were my goals and where was I going?


View More:


The perfect love

The driving force or what I like to call my big “Why” for why I hired a trainer was because of my wife Danay.  I didn’t want to be great.  I wanted to be perfect.  I wanted to give my wife my best me.   Through the Fit2DMax Bridal Fitness program I run into mainly brides who want to fit their wedding dresses just right.  Even when Danay and I trained together, we worked out so  that she could feel good about in fitting that dress for our wedding.  My mother in law also jumped in on the fun and worked out with us as well, and we were determined to make our wedding a timeless event that we would have fond memories of.    Very similar to women who want their dress to fit right, men want to have that suit that fits them perfectly.  We want the broad shoulders, the V shaped back, the strong arms and the tapered waist to show through the suit.   I wanted to be my wife’s Knight in shining armor.  In this case, the armor was a charcoal wedding tuxedo.   When that vision of what I wanted to be for my wife became clear, a biblical scripture came up in my mind.


1 Corinthians 13:4  Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

At that point, there was nothing left to do but to make the call.  My pride could no longer stand in the way.

They call him Coach

So I decided to call one of the best trainers that I know.  My brother from another mother Coach Leander Murphy.  Coach Murph is a Sports Performance coach in the Alpharetta area.   Shout out to Coach Murphy by the way.  I reached out to him because he is highly reputable.  We’ve both worked with high level athletes as well as people who are beginning their wellness journey, and we share a lot of the same fitness  philosophies.  Coach Murphy lives a lifestyle of wellness, and is as strong as an Ox. When you hire a trainer, it’s very important that you choose someone who you respect.  I respect him tremendously and he is truly one of my best friends.   I mentioned the best friend thing because I don’t just trust anyone with my body because it’s my livelihood and my life.  At the end of the day, I knew that I could trust him to get the most out of my body without hurting it.

So just like that, I’m whipping through Atlanta on I-75 via College Park all the way up to Alpharetta to train with my buddy Coach Murph.  We were doing things that I haven’t done in a while, things that I love, but got away from like box jumps, tire flips, dynamic drills, sprints with weighted sleds and Olympic lifts.   Training with Coach Murphy was a valuable experience for these reasons.

1.  It increased the level of empathy that I had for my clients.  Trying to make a training session when you have appointments all over the place can be tough.  It allowed me to be more encouraging if clients came late to sessions due to their busy work load.  Flipping the script and becoming the client has done wonders for how I interact with them and how I train the Fit2DMax team on how to offer a better service to our clients.

2. Although I push myself harder than most, it was key to have Coach Murph pushing me when I reached moments of weakness and thought that I couldn’t push anymore.  Like all great trainers do, Coach Murph had a bigger vision of me, than I had of me.  If I was pushing up to 95% then Coach Murph TYGTAL’ed me which is an acronym for Take Your Game To Another Level.  That extra 5% is something that can often make you or break you.  We all need to be at 100%.  How you get there is all up to you.

3.  Great trainers create an environment that generates success.  Driving up to those sessions, so many times I was thinking about all the fires I had to put out and all of the problems I had to solve.  When I walked through those doors, it was time to work and as the old spiritual says, “Lay my burdens down”.  My goal was again, to be the best that I can be for Danay.  It is all about your environment at the end of the day.   You should always create or inject yourself into a successful environment and a winning culture. Someone once told me that if you want to be a thoroughbred that you have to surround yourself around thoroughbreds.

After all, the jumping, the sprinting, the lifting and sweating, and what were the results? Our Wedding in Roswell, GA!   See below:

View More:

View More:

The reason why I wrote this post was because I wanted to be transparent with you and share a little bit about my life.   The moral of the story is that everyone can use a little push sometimes.  I want to thank Coach Murphy for being to push that I needed.  If you are looking for a Sports Performance Coach you can find Coach Murph at  If you are looking for a weight loss specialist or someone to get you into the best shape of your life, the Team at Fit2DMax Roswell will always be here to help you with your fitness and wellness needs.



Introduction to Journeys of Danay: The She side to Fit2DMax

Danay Maxim-wedding push up


Hi, my name is Danay. I am Max’s wife, and the she side of Fit2DMax I suppose you could say. Newly married, and even more newly pregnant, I have started to chronicle some of my journey. I am no fitness expert genius like my husband, but I figured opening a few windows into my life could offer a little humor, encouragement, and honesty as it relates to day to day issues that women face when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I have always been pretty athletic. Growing up the little sister of two older brothers, I loved sports more than I did dolls. That being said, staying in good shape was never really a challenge….before. But now the age of thirty has passed me by and a baby girl is changing all of that.  I will be facing challenges unlike any I have ever faced before.

Blog photo 2


Feel free to join me in my new adventures, as my waistline disappears and I traverse across these exciting and foreign lands of motherhood.

Fit2DMax —Your Premier Roswell Personal Trainer!

A mother, a grandmother, and nurturer by nature decides to treat herself to a new lifestyle


I want to introduce you to Jennifer Franklin.  Jennifer was the winner of the 21 Day Weight loss contest!  She lost over 10 lbs in 21 days.  The 21 day weight lost challenge came on time for her because it gave her the kick start she needed to get going.  It can be hard to start your weight loss journey.  For Jennifer she made the decision to start and is well on her way to reaching her goal of losing 30lbs.    Read Jennifer’s take on her Fit2DMax Roswell weight loss journey.


 Jennifer Franklin @ Fit2DMax Roswell after losing a healthy amount of weight can't even fit her clothes.

Jennifer Franklin @ Fit2DMax Roswell after losing a healthy amount of weight can’t even fit her clothes.


Hey ya’ll, my name is Jennifer Franklin.  I’m 54 years old.
When I started with Fit2DMax Roswell, my goals were to to recover fully from a back and hip injury and return to my usual active lifestyle.  My secondary goal is to fit into a size 8 by my 55th birthday which is on September 1.
Why I love my trainer?  Although I consider myself to be a determined and driven person who like making and reaching goals, I needed a trainer to keep me on track and focused.  Max of Fit2DMax Roswell is great at encouraging and supporting and PUSHING me to meet and exceed my limits.

Because of Max’s training and experience I knew I could trust him to guide me through the fears and limitations I have as a result of my accident and chronic back issues. I get a huge amount out of our biweekly sessions AND I now can go to the gym and use the machines and equipment with confidence.

Best part of working with Fit2DMax – Doing something for myself. As a mother and grandmother I often do for others, being nurturing is in my dna but in the process of taking care of others, I forgot myself. Working out, eating right and focusing on my own well-being has changed every part of my life in amazing ways. And it has made me a better parent and grandparent, as I now can share my new lifestyle, working out and being active with my family.

Hardest part – The gym. I am not athletic, I was a book worm as a child and have never participated in sports of any kind. Add to that a serious fear of injury due to my physical limitations. I had a lot of preconceived ideas about people who went to gyms and felt I didn’t fit in and I felt very self-conscious of my appearance and age at the gym. But because I now know how to use the equipment – correct posture and form, number of reps, correct weight, time etc., I can utilize the gym with confidence and I have learned to not only appreciate but love it.  And I enjoy pushing myself to make and achieve new goals. Nothing feels better than leaving the gym after a challenging workout and knowing I DID IT.


As you can see, Fit2DMax in Roswell, GA has only been open for about a month and we are already making a difference.  Make a change in your life with Fit2DMax Roswell by signing up for our 21 day Fat Loss contest.   Call 404 913 2629 or email us today at to make a choice that will change your life for the better.

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The Amazing Power of the Words, “One More”



fitness goals dunwoody ga

As a coach, motivator, and trainer, my job is to encourage people to be better than they were before.  When I sit down with a person that I am about to work with for the first time, the words “accountability”, “motivation”, “encouragement” and the phrases, “pushing the envelop”, or “a kick in the pants” get thrown around a lot.  I’m not big on kicking pants or pushing envelops but I am all about individuals making the decision to be the best that they can be on that day, for that minute, or to break it down even further, in that exact moment.


Image result for pushing hard

Usually when one works out, if they are really challenging their limits while working out, there are defining moments during the workout where fatigue sets in, and the mind and body wonders, “Can I do one more?”.  Most people say heck no, and stop.  The unfortunate thing about that decision is that it usually translates to work performance, business decisions, martial challenges, and a lot of other things that people would like to see more success in.   The words that I use to reverse that mind set is “One more”.  When I say one more, I am usually referring to the last repetitions in a work out.  I am asking the person to push past their comfort zone and to push for another rep.  It is a a mental decision but it is initiated through the spirit first.


Image result for pushing hard

Everyone has a spirit that pushes past the impossible, that navigates through the undo-able and that makes the unmake-able.  Some call it the holy spirit, some call it the human spirit, others call it your inner self, but whatever it is, you have “IT” and it works just like your muscles.  The more you train it, the stronger it becomes.



When I encourage my students to do one more, 9 times out of 10 they complete that extra rep and as a result, they are better for it.   So in conclusion, think about what can you do “one more” of in your life that will enhance your situation.  Can you give your children one more hug to let them know that you care for them and support them?  Can you do one more project to influence your employer to give you a promotion at your job?  Can you do the research for one more investment that can set you up financially for life?  Challenge your self to push past your comfort zone.  When you do “one more”, the possibilities are endless.

When was the last time that you pushed your hardest?  Please share in the comment box below what are some of the things that you are doing in your life right now that is a little pass your comfort zone.
Thanks and God bless!


Your Premier Roswell Personal Trainer!

Roswell GA Personal Trainer

Welcome Summer with the 21 day weight loss contest/Fit2DMax Grand Opening Event

Welcome Summer with the 21 day weight loss contest/Fit2DMax Grand Opening Event


I am proud to announce that on Monday June 8th we will have the Grand Opening of the 2nd Fit2DMax location in Roswell, GA.   The entire Fit2DMax family is excited, and to celebrate, we are kicking off a Summer weight loss contest!  You can start losing weight and train with us for just $1.  Yes, celebrate our Grand Opening with us,  jump into a supported and motivational environment and lose weight for just $1.  The winner will receive a special addition Tony Burch FitBit!   If you are willing to lose a dollar and some major pounds join us for the weight loss kick off.   Sign up by calling 404-913-2629 or visit and contact us.




Wellness Expert Maxim Nazaire is a Personal Trainer in the Roswell, GA and metro Atlanta area.  He specializes in double digit weight loss, injury rehabilitation and athletic/human performance.  He is the author of two critically-acclaimed books including his latest book, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wellness.  Nazaire is a graduate of the School of Health Science and Public Health at Stony Brook University in New York.  He is also Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and holds the honor of Level 1 Coach from the United States Track and Field Association (USATF).  Maxim has been featured on CNN Headline News Health as their go to health contributor where he shares his philosophy on wellness with television viewers all over the world.   Nazaire is a highly sought after motivational speaker, captivating audiences from every walk of life. He is married to his wife Danay Nazaire and currently reside in Atlanta, GA.


Your Premier Roswell Personal Trainer!

Exotic Smoothies - Roswell GA Personal Training

Are Smoothies Making Me Fat?

Are Smoothies Making Me Fat?

Are smoothies really good for you?


Are smoothies actually good for us?  Will smoothies help me with my weight loss goals?  It really depends on how you use smoothies.  I remember one particular instance a few years back when one of my clients was upset about her weigh in.  One of the major catalyst for weight loss is your nutrition and what an individual eats.  I make it a point to provide guidance to my clients and steer them towards foods that they can eat and enjoy while losing weight at the same time.  I knew that this particular client was active, so the first question I asked was, “How is your nutrition coming along?”  She said that her eating habits have improved.  One of the biggest changes that she made was adding more smoothie drinks to her daily food habits.


At the time, it sounded good to me.  On the surface, it seemed like everything was going well.  I then asked, “What are you adding in your smoothies?”  She ran down a list which included rice milk, strawberries, orange juice, apples, yogurt and bananas.  When you look at the list, initially it sounds like she is doing the right thing.  By most standards, those are all healthy foods.  When we were able to look at the list again, I realized why she gained weight rather than lost weight.  If you look at the list of foods that were in her smoothie, they were all glucose based.  In other words, they were all carbohydrates.  Her daily dose of high amounts of sugar is what led to the weight gain.


The question that I asked in the beginning of this post was, Are Smoothies making me fat?  The answer is yes they can if you don’t place the right amount of ingredients in them.  Carbohydrates are primary sources of energy. Carbs are a good thing.  The challenge for a person who is on a weight loss journey is that an excess amount of carbs will be converted to fat if the carbs are not being utilized through exercise.  Storing fat is the last thing that a person wants to do if they are losing weight.   Now I am not saying that blending smoothies, juicing fruits and making protein shakes are bad.  I’m actually a big smoothie fan, as I use them for my personal health. Smoothies are a great way to boost your health. We just have to use them the right way by adding good things in them.  Here are some pro’s and con’s for smoothies.


Smoothie benefits

-excellent way to get your nutrients in


-people who are resistant to having breakfast can use a smoothie as a meal replacement

-cooking can extract key nutrients from the food while drinking it will ensure that you are able to get them all in.


The drawback to sugar loaded smoothies

-elevates insulin levels (sugar)

-because you are drinking the calories, it makes it easier to pack in more calories at a time

-most smoothies have too much sugar because people would rather blend fruits as opposed to vegetables


Here are some quick tips to make a better smoothie.


  1. If your smoothie has more than eight ingredients in it, you’re probably doing too much.
  2. The idea of more is better is simply not true.   Keep your smoothie simple
  3. Use one fruit like an apple to mask the taste of a vegetable that you may not like to eat on a normal basis.
  4. Since most of us don’t eat a lot of vegetables, it is important to add green vegetables into our smoothies whenever you can.


Get the biggest bang out of your smoothie by adding these:

  • Blueberries are one of the best fruits to use for your smoothie because it is so high in antioxidants
  • Chia seeds are a good source of several B Vitamins which can help in energy production.
  • Flax seed are rich in Omega-3’s and can help reduce inflammation
  • Nuts are packed with protein and have unsaturated fats which are the healthy kind of fat that aids in the functionality of the heart.


Here’s one of my favorite smoothie recipes


Purple Power Protein Punch


1 generous handful of spinach

1 cup of frozen blueberries

1 scoop of your favorite chocolate protein powder

1 cup of Almond milk or 1 Cup of water if you want to reduce calories


When it comes to healthy eating and healthy living, smoothies can be your great benefit or an additional obstacle.  Make sure that you put the right things in the mix and you will be on your way to the good and healthy life.  I shared my personal smoothie recipe, so if you have some smoothie recipes that are working for you, please share so that we can encourage folks to live healthy and active lifestyles.



Wellness Expert Maxim Nazaire is a Personal Trainer in the Roswell, GA and metro Atlanta area.  He specializes in double digit weight loss, injury rehabilitation and athletic/human performance.  He is the author of two critically-acclaimed books including his latest book, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wellness.  Nazaire is a graduate of the School of Health Science and Public Health at Stony Brook University in New York.  He is also Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and holds the honor of Level 1 Coach from the United States Track and Field Association (USATF).  Maxim has been featured on CNN Headline News Health as their go to health contributor where he shares his philosophy on wellness with television viewers all over the world.   Nazaire is a highly sought after motivational speaker, captivating audiences from every walk of life. He is married to his wife Danay Nazaire and currently reside in Atlanta, GA.