Garage Sessions

Garage Sessions


Due to the lack of the lazy river that runs most wonderfully through the park in my pregnant dreams,  I had to bring an end to my runs during lunch.  What an awesome idea though. Someone should really make that happen. Imagine a park just for pregnant women, with a lazy river they could exercise in, so when the belly’s get too big and the summer heat gets too hot, we can still enjoy nature whilst trying to have a healthy pregnancy. I take a minute to gather my thoughts and ponder upon all that facts that make this a completely nonsensical idea.  A girl can dream.  




Before the interruption of Georgia’s ninety three degree humid days, my runs had begun to take off.  It took a little while, but I got there.  I owe this mostly to my husband, and a piece of advice he gave me a while ago but that I didn’t put into practice until recently. He told me to breath in through my nose, and out through my mouth… and to get it in and out quickly and purposefully.  Simple enough, but I didn’t listen. My way was more comfortable, or so I thought. I took long and slow breaths, I think in some kind of attempt to control my heartbeat.  It doesn’t help that running with Max is like running with a silent machine. He doesn’t…make…a sound. Its as if he doesn’t struggle at all.  Meanwhile I try not to sound like a wild savage by his side breathing like a mad woman. However, one day at the park I decided to give his way a try.  Low and behold, it worked.  To my surprise, I could run much longer and it would take a lot longer for me to get tired. Week after week passed and my times kept improving. I became a proud Momma out there, sporting my pregnant belly while running with my head high.  Breathing with these quick purposeful breaths did make me sound somewhat likin to Cujo, but I’ve accepted that.



So with the park being out, and actually running being out altogether at this point, we had to find a way for me to still get some kind of movement in.  Hence, the garage sessions. Trees have been replaced with shelves stocked with ten year old paint, and butterflies have been replaced by dust flurries. But it’s actually quite delightful. I walk on our treadmill under a steady breeze, courtesy of our floor fan.. and mission accomplished. You really just have to get it in where, when, and how you can. As I only have four weeks left until Talia’s due date, I’m honestly not getting that much in any longer.  Twenty five minute walks here and there is about all I’m up for these days…and they are becoming more and more scarce. I honestly can’t believe that in four weeks our baby girl will be here.  The time has literally flown by like a freight train. I try to imagine the moment I will see her for the first time.  It’s still pretty surreal.  I have the strangest combination of emotions going on within me.  Thrill, excitement, wonder, a little fear. The good kind of fear though.  I call it roller coaster fear.  As you hear the click of the track and slowly rise atop the first hill, you’re a little scared of the fall that awaits you… but you also can’t wait for it.  With hands up and a smile from ear to ear you embrace the rush.  




See you on the other side of labor…

Back in the saddle again, kind of…

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Back in the saddle again, kind of…

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It was a beautiful spring evening in Atlanta, and the air was that just right spring kind of perfect. Warm but not hot, with a light breeze revealing itself every so often.  I could not have asked for more perfect running conditions. My husband Max and I had dubbed Tuesday’s to be our evening run and two dollar tacos night. So we found a parking space and I began to gather myself for my first time running in about three months. Peering at the shattered window glass by our car I said a silent prayer and put a Bible in the front seat. If I would have known what awaited me I would have left the car out of it and just prayed for myself.


I was feeling a bit confident. Proudly sporting a tight coral top that showed my small emerging tummy, which at this point just looked more like I had one too many beers. Going off of my memory of three to four months ago, I was pretty sure I could run a fair distance. As of late, I had my energy back that had been robbed of me by my first trimester, so although I knew it wouldn’t be a piece of cake I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. Here we go, back in the saddle. Well, after what was only a minute but felt like twenty, I knew I was in danger of failing miserably. I slowly saw my pride slip down to the concrete and get trampled over. I could hardly breath. Each step felt like a desperate crawl. I was so embarrassed. My poor husband and his long legs could barely run slow enough to stay with my turtle’s pace. After noticing my struggle Max concluded, as the time keeper, that our running increments in between walking would have to be shortened. I continued to struggle throughout the duration of my attempted walk-run. Each slight incline felt like Mount Everest.  And so, that beautiful spring evening turned into a scorching and dry marathon through the Sahara.


And then there were tacos…thank God, there were tacos. They gave me life. I guess saying failed miserably may be just a bit dramatic. I by no means met my own standards, but I did accomplish something. A beginning. It may not have been the prettiest picture, but you’ve got to start somewhere right? No one gets into the best shape of their life over night. It’s going to take a little bit of ugly, to get to the beautiful. Clearly.



Looking forward to the beautiful

Guilty, Lazy Bum?

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Guilty, Lazy Bum?

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Looking down at this growing belly of mine, my mind fills with wonder at this miraculous truth.  My body is this little precious one’s home for now, as the Creator weaves our baby’s tiny heart together within me. It is almost too much for my mind to fathom. All of this is still so new, and is such an unknown and massive space to shuttle out into. I sit back and let the word take flight before me.  Motherhood.  I have no idea what to expect, and I have no idea what this will feel like.



The eyes of my soul are wide open and filled with excitement. The two eyes planted in this square shaped head of mine however, are half closed, droopy, and wanting to see the back of my eyelids about…ninety-seven percent of the time. They warned me that I would be tired, but not daily overdose on night time benadryl kind of tired.  Everyday I set off with my semi-satisfying cup of decaf tea, and head to work. The office feels more like a jail cell these days, keeping me away from the coveted world of sleep.  I sit in my cell and try my best to be productive, as my heavy eyelids and my brain battle throughout the day over who will reign supreme.  After this grueling day of war I sleepily drag myself home to my wonderful, loving, fitness expert husband, who’s very presence reminds me of the importance of working out. With one eyebrow raised and lips twisted I think to myself, “work out who?” Not I.  No thank you. Let me just find my way over this mountain of eight stairs that stand between myself and the open arms of my dearly beloved comforter and down pillows, whom I’ve longed for all day. Victory. I smile as I lay back into my day’s finish line. Ah yes… right now, these are the moments I live for. This, my day’s relief and joy.



Two and a half months of this go by, and although justified in my fatigue, a wave of guilt has swept over me. I feel lazy, and I feel like a bum. There is this inner voice within me that says you should be able to master this, mind over matter, get up. Maybe it’s the side effect of being a Marine’s daughter. My father made sure to make me aware of the fact, that “pain is weakness leaving your body.” So with my pride and my tired eyes in tow, I whipped out some work out clothes that hardly fit any longer, and I geared up to have my first pregnancy workout. I proceeded to have the worst, most horrid and deflating workout of my life. I have come to the conclusion, that maybe it’s not the wisest idea to try and pull off a workout from a place of complete exhaustion. Pregnancy exhaustion to be more precise. While some women may be able to glide through first trimester workouts victoriously with ease, I…am not that one. Can I get a witness? Lazy bum I am not. First time pregnant woman I am. I’ll just take this journey one day at a time. My hope lies in the stories I’ve heard of energetic second trimesters. Tennis shoes and spandex pants, I will see you then.



Hoping in second trimester


Introduction to Journeys of Danay: The She side to Fit2DMax

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Hi, my name is Danay. I am Max’s wife, and the she side of Fit2DMax I suppose you could say. Newly married, and even more newly pregnant, I have started to chronicle some of my journey. I am no fitness expert genius like my husband, but I figured opening a few windows into my life could offer a little humor, encouragement, and honesty as it relates to day to day issues that women face when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I have always been pretty athletic. Growing up the little sister of two older brothers, I loved sports more than I did dolls. That being said, staying in good shape was never really a challenge….before. But now the age of thirty has passed me by and a baby girl is changing all of that.  I will be facing challenges unlike any I have ever faced before.

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Feel free to join me in my new adventures, as my waistline disappears and I traverse across these exciting and foreign lands of motherhood.

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