Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Programs

Join our safe and effective fitness training for pregnant women and new moms.

Prenatal Fitness Exercise

When you finally hold your baby in your arms, you’ll meet one of the loves of your life. Until then, stave off the pregnancy blahs and queasiness and get moving! Regular physical activity while pregnant offers incredible benefits for both you and your baby. Check with your doctor to make sure you’re capable of physical activity and then ask about our prenatal exercise classes.

Pregnancy zaps your energy as your body rapidly changes, but exercising strengthens your cardiovascular system so you don’t tire as easily. It also improves your core strength, muscle tone and overall mobility. Enjoy better sleep and reduce your pregnancy discomfort with our prenatal fitness Roswell GA classes that better prepare your body for childbirth.

Join other mommies-to-be in our fun and uplifting fitness classes.

Benefits of prenatal exercise

  • Increase deep abdominal strength to better support the weight of the baby.
  • Strengthen the abdominals, lower back and pelvic floor muscles used during labor.
  • Relieve lower-back discomfort and other pregnancy-induced aches and pains with targeted stretching.
  • Promote good posture and spinal alignment to ease the strain of a changing body.
  • Lower susceptibility to constipation, swelling, leg cramps, varicose veins, fatigue, and extra weight gain
  • Reduced back pain

Post-Natal Fitness Exercise

Prenatal Fitness ProgramNow that your little one has arrived, you want to stay strong and bounce back fast.  Our after-pregnancy exercise classes are a great way to get out of the house with your baby, and join other new moms and their babies in a workout specifically designed for postpartum recovery. Our classes offer a combination of cardiovascular and strengthening exercises that target major muscle groups and re-condition the entire core.

The postpartum/pregnancy period can sometimes be a lonely and challenging time for new moms. Attending a class specially designed for after pregnancy gives you the opportunity to meet other new moms, share experiences and improve your physical, social and emotional well-being.

Benefits of Postpartum Exercise

  • Flatten the stomach and create a trimmer and sleeker silhouette.
  • Promote good posture while lifting and carrying your new baby.
  • Increase back and arm strength for bending and lifting your growing baby.
  • Recover bladder control.
  • Improve conditioning and overall mental outlook.
  • Prevent abdominal organs from “dropping forward” through lack of support
  • Re-establish hormonal balance
  • Establish proper muscle strengthening and stretching
  • Avoid back pain
  • Restore core function
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