Super Mommy Fit Club

Tone your body, gain strength, and release stress with other Moms!

Do you want to workout and Do something for you but you fill drowned by the laundry list of things to do for your family, your house and your career?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, confused because of the stress that surrounds you?

Would you like to have more energy for yourself and the people that you love?

Let’s face it.  You are always doing things for others but rarely have an opportunity to do things for you.

I want to help you get back to YOU so that you will have more to give to everyone else.

Hi!  My name is Danay Nazaire

I am the co owner of Fit2DMax Roswell.   My goal is to help families live the healthiest life that they can live.  Moms are such an integral part of families living well.  As a mom, I know that if mommy isn’t doing well, than the family isn’t doing well.

After giving birth to my daughter Talia, I had to go on my own journey of reestablishing my health and walk into my own transformation.  I decided to create a program for Moms who want to work out but are short on time and need an outlet of other women to connect with.


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I want to make sure that as a mom and as a woman, that you are able to be your best self internally and externally.  Our motto here for Super Mommy Fit Club is Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically Strong. Our classes are geared to focus on the areas that all moms want to target, the arms, thighs and stomach.

Here are some quick benefits of our Super Mommy Fit Club:

  • Increase your energy with a program that will help you find the energy that you used to have.

  • Workout in a stress free zone, without any distractions or interruptions.

  • Get your groove back, toning and tightening exercises to work on arms, thighs and stomach.

  • Get in and out in less than 45 minutes. Enough to get a complete total body workout and move on to the next task.

  • Regain clarity, focus, and vitality.

  • Be a part of a club with coaches and women who get IT, and get YOU!

  • Workouts can be done at 10:30am while the kids are at school and daycare, or before or after work hours.

If this sounds like it may be a fit for you, then join us and take the 1 week summer mommy challenge!  Sign up right here and let’s be Super Moms together!

Contact us at (404) 913-2629 and get a customized workout with Max free of charge to start you off toward your individual fitness goals.