Roswell Bootcamp Style

Roswell Bootcamp Style

Reach your fitness and wellness goals in a fun, and safe environment.

If you are a resident in and around the Roswell area and you are someone who has always been interested in doing a Roswell bootcamp you should read this. If you haven’t taken that first step yet, it’s so important for you to understand what the true benefits of bootcamp are, and what bootcamp isn’t or shouldn’t be.

Gone are the days when you would meet at a park at 4:30 am, rain or dark. At 4;30am, there is no such thing as sun shine. When bootcamps became popular, you would have someone dressed in camouflage gear, yelling at you overused and inapplicable cliches such as “No pain no gain”. Although we all can appreciate the idea of digging down deep inside to do something out of your comfort zone it’s just not made for long term success. There is a certain grit to the idea of toughing it out, but these days, it’s just not necessary. Boot camp has come a long way, in the past couple of decades.

Let there be light!

Now instead of doing those workouts at dark thirty in the dark, you can now do those same workouts in the light. When you do bootcamps inside, there is climate control, music playing, and a bathroom that everyone can appreciate.

The benefits of a Roswell bootcamp style classes includes:

The challenge – No need for no pain no gain, but challenges can bring about transformations if issued the right way.

Camaraderie – It is always great when you can make new friends on your journeys.

The enhancement of spirit, mind and body – When you get into that zone when all it is about is overcoming the obstacle that is in front of you, resilience takes over. You begin to tap into things that you didn’t know that you had. You find yourself getting stronger, and defeating challenges that would of defeated you in the past.

Affordable Personal Training – Our Roswell Bootcamp can be the best bang for your buck. For some people, budget plays a real life role in whether they will start a workout program. While Personal training can start from $50, $60 , $70 even well pass the $100 per session mark, for most Roswell bootcamps, on a session per session basis the cost is a fraction of that price, which is something that most working professionals can afford.

Be careful and weary of the following kinds of bootcamps:

Bootcamps that don’t coach you up – Whenever you are in any class situation, it is imperative that you are able to have feedback, so that you can learn, grow and transform.

Exercise until you drop type of workouts – bootcamps and exercise classes should build up not tear down. Be weary of the no pain no gain philosophy. Exercise, fitness and weight loss should challenge you, not break you.

Bootcamps with no plans or no directions – If you ask an instructor what is the focus for the day, and they are not able to tell you, run for the hills. You should go in the other direction. If you don’t have a plan you can’t make any progress.

If you are in the North Atlanta, North Fulton area,and need a great workout that will help you transform, the Roswell Bootcamp with Fit2DMax Roswell is the direction that you want to go. You can call us at 404 913 2629 to get more information or click on the following link.

HIIT Training Battle Ropes

HIIT Training is popular in Roswell, GA among other places.  People tend to ask  about HIIT Training all the time.  If you don’t, know what HIIT means, that is okay!  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  A great exercise that you can incorporate into your HIIT style training is the Battle rope whips.   Here is some video that will show you exactly how to incorporate the battle ropes into your exercise program.


Battle rope can be used in HIIT Training and is a great way to work out the entire body


  1.  Grab the rope with a firm grip.  Gloves can help you to enhance the grip.
  2. Walk with the rope to make sure that there is no give to the rope.  You want to have the length necessary to create beautiful waves like the ocean.
  3. Take a step forward.  Again, this will allow you to have the proper length in the rope but not to the point where the rope is too tight.
  4. Spread your feet out about hip width.  This gives you a nice, wide and comfortable base.
  5. Bend your knees.  Bending your knees will help engage the core, help you generate power and shift your weight as you adjust to the rope.
  6. Using alternating hands, whip the rope repeatedly until you get a nice wave formation.  By flicking the wrist, raising and lowering the shoulders as well as bending the elbows, these things will help the rope go.
  7. You can do this exercise from 15 seconds to 60 seconds depending on your conditioning level.

This fundamental rope move will help you burn more calories, and engage the entire body in a way that few exercises can do.

Try these exercises and let me know what you think!

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Remember you can be fit, or you can be Fit2DMax, living Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically Strong.

Bootcamp Trainer Core and Abs

Roswell GA Bootcamp Trainer for the Core

This is Maxim Nazaire,  your Roswell GA  Bootcamp Trainer for the Core and Abs.   Our exercise for today is again another abdominal exercise to help you tighten those abs. We all want to workout those ab muscles. This exercise is called the hold the world. So let’s have a seat on the ground here. First things first,  stick your arms out so it can help maintain your  balance.  Here is the link to see the video on Youtube if you want to follow via video!

The next step is to take your feet off the ground. Notice that your knees are bent, your feet are off the ground, and arms are out to the side. That’s what helps with your balance. Take that naval in toward the spine. Your back should be in a nice straight line.  Ok, so now that you have the angle here, breathe through the nose and out through the mouth, taking in the naval and bringing it into the spine.


Roswell GA Bootcamp Trainer Core and Abs

Nice job, relax. Great, so when you master that and when I say mastery you are able to do it for a minute or so. We are going to transition into Russian twists.

Ok, so you are going to do the same whole the world position, bring the hands together now, ok and then we are going to twist it from side to side, and we are going to twist from the shoulders. You should aim to touch the ground from side to side, still maintaining that core integrity, breathing in and breathing out.  Wonderful  job!  


Be sure to Check out our YouTube Page it’s Fit2DMax- Roswell GA Personal Training.



Also, if you are ever in the Roswell, GA area, feel free to come out and visit our Fit2DMax Roswell GA Bootcamp Trainer Core.  Here is our information:


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Now remember you can be fit or you can be Fit2DMax, Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically Strong. Take care and god bless.

small group training

Small Group Training can ignite weight loss

Small Group Training will give you the endurance to see your weight loss to the end.


We go further together together

In Small Group Training, the group can bring the individual along for the ride.

Many times, the goals that you have for your life  just may not happen overnight.  Some of your most important goals may take weeks, months and dare I say years before those goals reach fruition.   The reason why a majority of people don’t reach their goals is because they quit a week before, they can gain momentum.  They don’t hit their goal because they throw in the towel a month before the goal is reached.  They run away from the goal because they run out of endurance to do a little more  lifting that it takes to win it all.  It’s the truth.

If you knew how much it would take to reach your goal, would you find a way to stick it out?  

Anyone who achieves something great never does it alone.  A great example of this are NASCAR drivers.  They may drive alone, but they don’t race alone.  They make pit stops, and the pit crew helps them to make the necessary adjustments in the car so that they can get back on the road and run fast again.   Cyclist use groups so that they can go faster together.   When cyclist are in a group, they can cut through the wind better and pace each other so that everyone is able to feed off of each other’s energy.  Runners will draft behind one another to distribute the running load so that they can have a stronger finish.    See, when you are in a group, it makes it easier for you to endure through the process of reaching that significant goal in your life.  When you are in a group, it becomes easier to establish a culture of excellence within that micro community.


The benefit of a small  group training program can help you complete your goal.  

Why so we skip small group training and insist on doing things on our own?

  1. Lack of trust – In life, sometimes we skip the group thing because we think that the group will hurt us, steal your our work,  ideas, and take credit for our thoughts.
  2. Unhealthy competition –  Think that if you share within the group that everyone will get a head of you.  Learning more ways to be secure in yourself, where you are at right now and where you are going will help to deal with this issue.  At the end of the day, it’s all about being better.  If it takes a group to help you grow, then don’t dismiss those opportunities to get better.
  3. Buying into the myth and romanticism of being a self made man or woman.  If you buy into the ideology of doing it on your own without any help, then my friend, you must love taking the long way home.  Never be confused about how I feel about this:  Your wins are your wins.  Your losses are your losses.  You own them.  It’s great to share your wins with the people that helped you to get there, It’s easier to endure a loss when there are people there to pick you up, encourage you and push you along as you make your comeback.


Endurance isn’t always about being able to last the longest.  Really it’s all about holding on after others have let go.  One of the definitions of endurance is the capacity of something to last or to withstand wear and tear.  Groups will always have more staying power than individuals because when one is weak, the others can bring that person along.  Small group training can be the solution that you need to cross that proverbial finish line.

Group training to overcome losses – How to take one on the chin and press on

The group training concept we’ve adopted comes from the quote:  “We get there faster by ourselves, but we go further together.”  It takes a decision from an individual to become a champion but we all need to be helped sometimes after we fall down.

group training, taking one on the chin to get up


In the sport of boxing, true champions usually are the ones that stand the test of time, and who are able to overcome obstacles and adversities.  As a fighter, you will throw some punches and hits, and you will also be hit.  It doesn’t go one way, it’s a two way exchange.   There’s a term that boxers use which is called, “Taking one on the Chin.”   In the literal sense, it means to be punched in the chin, but in the figurative sense, it refers to absorbing criticism and objection without any defense.  To receive the full brunt of something.  Taking a physical blow to the chin usually leads to a knock down or a knock out for most people.  But the champions are able to absorb their enemies best punch and overcome it.


Examples of crushing losses in my life where I took one on the Chin:


I’ve learned throughout life that sometimes you are going  to take one on the chin.  When I applied for college, I didn’t get into my first choice which was Stony Brook.  I felt like I was deserving but apparently they saw things other wise.  I went to another school, became a better student, reapplied and was accepted.  I graduated from Stony Brook on the Dean’s list.


In 2009 I opened my first training studio.  It fell apart before it could take off.   I poured all the money that I had into it and it went belly up.   It was a big learning lesson for me.  I took one on the chin for that studio.  Three years later I rented a gym space in Buckhead, thrived there and eventually opened another studio that is one of the best studios in Roswell.


When I was 26, there was a girl that I really liked and thought that I would eventually marry.  I later learned that she didn’t feel the same way about me.  I learned that God had a plan for me that was better than my plan.  Years later an angel walked into my life who is now my present wife and the absolute love of my life.  


At 21 I attempted to buy my first home.  It didn’t work.  At 22 I tried to buy a home again and I was denied.   Finally at 24 years old, I was able to purchase my first home and become a part of owning the American Dream.  And years later, my wife and I were blessed  to be able to purchase our dream home together.


All of these are personal examples of my failures, that later on became the foothold for my present successes.  Someone taught me a great example of what success is.  He stated:


“Success is to deal with Failure over and over again without losing Enthusiasm.”


I’ve been failing left and right all my life, but maintaining my enthusiasm has allowed me to stand tall no matter if I am in the valley or at the mountain top.  Take one in the chin and overcome with enthusiasm.


After  taking one on the chin it is important to display a  sense of humility.  To admit that you lost.  Acknowledge the loss and make an agreement with yourself to do better next time.  


A bad example of this was Hope Solo from the U.S. women’s soccer team calling the Swedish team that she lost to “cowards” and proclaiming that, “The better team did not win”.  It’s okay to be upset after a loss.  It’s alright to be angry.  It’s a natural human emotion.  I hate to lose.  Anyone that knows me knows that I can’t stand losing.  Use those emotions to study more, to train harder, to develop better strategies for success, and to ask for help when you need it!  Lay down your pride, and get the support that you need.  


I do not subscribe to the thought of giving every kid a trophy.  If everyone gets a trophy, then the trophy loses its value.  Awards are for the people that were the best of the best.  Trophies go to the ones who worked the hardest, the ones who sacrificed and earned it.


As a coach of young people I learned that kids are served best when you celebrate their victories, but most importantly when  you encourage them with words, support them when they take a loss, and reveal to them what they can do to perform better when the next opportunity comes.  We need to show our kids, how to win, and how to lose.  Teaching them not to cast blame, not to deflect, but to be gracious and come back stronger than ever before. It is the losses and the valley experiences that allow us to go back to the lab and put that work in.


The biggest hit that I had to take to the chin was when I had a heart attack at 18 years old.  I discuss this in my book Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wellness.  I was scared, I was depressed, I felt alone and I wondered if I would live. Most people, including my coach and my teammates, stopped believing in me.  I learned at that point, what grace was.  I learned that God had an ultimate plan for me.  It was revealed to me that God wanted me to have life and have it more abundantly.  


How I overcame  


I was determined that my heart failure would not become my identity.  I became determined and obsessed with coming back stronger than ever before.  After two heart surgeries and the grace of God, I was healed.  I’ll never forget what my Doctor said.  The surgeon said, “If I didn’t push myself to be active all of those years that I may have died.”   Those words resonate with me to this day.  The doctor’s words remind me that all of those fall downs and stand ups were for a purpose.  These days I run faster, I jump higher, and I’m more determined than ever before. The most important thing is that I take my family, my friends, my clients and anyone else who wants to come along for the ride, and go to a higher place of reaching their full potential.  I may be pulling people along right now, but my family and friends were the ones that pulled me a long first.  The power of groups and numbers is nothing short of amazing.


Never underestimate the power of overcoming with the help of group training


  • In my last race, I won first place with the help of my group training partners that pushed me every practice, and my coach who guided me through the process.
  • When I decided to buy my first house, I received help by participating in a first time home buyers class.  The bankers helped me understand how credit works, gave me financial counseling and taught me how to become a better applicant for purchasing a home.
  • When I was dating, I constantly attracted the wrong person.  This may have been true, however, the common denominator was always me.  I had to work on me!  Through Spiritual counseling, prayer, meditation, and developing a closer walk with God, I had to become what I wanted to attract.  When those character changes were made inside of me, God sent my mate, and I was ready this time.
  • At my first school I found a tutor to help me with the classes that were more challenging.  I joined group study sessions with like minded people, and studied as much as I could before I went to sleep.  It wasn’t rocket science, the more time that I invested into studying the material, the better I did on my exams.
  • For help with my business, I stop soliciting the advice of other people who weren’t in business, and started receiving business help from other business owners who would give me their counsel rather than their opinion.  There’s a big difference between the two.  I learned that the hard way.
  • And of course I had a tremendous amount of support from my Family, and Friends.  They picked me up when I was down, they told me the truth when I needed to hear it, and spoke life into me when the noise of the world got in the way.


How to overcome:


  1. Join a group that will support you and your goals.  Get into some sort of group training.  
  2. Lean on the shoulder of family and friends that can encourage you when you face times of adversity.  Family and friend’s support goes a long way.
  3. Dig deep within yourself and tap into strength that you never had before.  It’s during those low points and valley experiences that you find out what you are made of.
  4. Get a mentor, a coach, a teacher, someone that can help you shorten the learning curve.  You will get further and accomplish more with a coach.


Everyone is going to lose sometime, something, to someone, or lose someone.  It is the response to that loss that will cement our legacies.  
It’s not a secret towards success.  It’s all about being able to take the hits and using your group to help you press on with enthusiasm!


Group Training Roswell


Wellness Expert Maxim Nazaire is a Personal Trainer in the Roswell, GA and metro Atlanta area.  He specializes in double digit weight loss, injury rehabilitation and athletic/human performance.  He is the author of two critically-acclaimed books including his latest book, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wellness.  Nazaire is a graduate of the School of Health Science and Public Health at Stony Brook University in New York.  He is also Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and holds the honor of Level 1 Coach from the United States Track and Field Association (USATF).  Maxim has been featured on CNN Headline News Health as their go to health contributor where he shares his philosophy on wellness with television viewers all over the world.   Nazaire is a highly sought after motivational speaker, captivating audiences from every walk of life. He is married to his wife Danay Nazaire and currently reside in Woodstock, GA.

Small Group Training

Discover Fitness Benefits of Small Group Training

Small Group TrainingHere at Fit2DMAX, we offer small group training to enhance your overall fitness experience. If you struggle to workout on your own or lose motivation quickly, small group training is one of our affordable solutions for you. You will be encouraged to stay on track for your goals and improve your relationships. When you schedule an appointment with a trainer and a small group, you are more apt to keep the appointment and perform your workout. Instead of skipping a workout, these small group training sessions remain a permanent fixture on your weekly calendar. As a result of your dedication, you reach your fitness goals faster.

Along with remaining more consistent, you will feel an increase in your motivation. This motivation may come from a spark of competition to lift a greater weight volume, or complete one more repetition than your group partners. Although we keep a non-competitive workout arena, friendly competition that motivates you to perform better is one of the fitness benefits of small group training. It is also helpful to see others complete challenging workouts. This encourages you to challenge yourself and move beyond your workout plateaus. You will discover other benefits of small group training such as an increased desire to exercise. The sessions are more enjoyable with others. You begin to look forward to your sessions and to the advancements toward your goals.

Affordable Benefits of Small Group Training

If you have always wanted to complete a personal training session, but it is not within your budget, affordability is one of the many benefits of small group training. Our trainer is still able to provide personal attention and an individualized workout within the small group training setting. Your personal evaluations are created, your goals are set and our trainer supplies the exercises that meet your needs. We use a variety of training tools such as medicine balls, free weights and kettlebells. Some exercises you perform on your own and others use a partner, which is ideal for the small group training sessions. Our small group training sessions also enjoy bodyweight exercises that incorporate partner work to stimulate your muscles in many ways. We use partner flexibility exercises to improve your range of motion and the look and feel of your body. Your group can choose to exercise with our trainers throughout the week or once a week depending on your fitness goals and financial availability.

We are proud to offer small group training here at Fit2DMAX. Our trainers mix up the weekly workouts to keep you challenged. Gather your group and call us at 404-913-2629 to schedule your training session today. Even if you already use our personal training sessions, a group session is a way to boost your performance and enhance your overall health.