Testimonial Picture of Danay Mariney Nazaire (2)
“Thank you Max, you are the best!”

I started working with Max eight months before our wedding. Our sessions were therapeutic. With all the craziness going on with the wedding planning, it was a lovely retreat to burn off some steam. Max encouraged me to push beyond and reach levels of strength and endurance that I had never reached before. He doesn’t let you get away with not challenging yourself, but he is also kind and patient with you as you break through and out of your old comfort zones. Fast forward to my wedding day, my arms were diesel!… in the most lady like, sophisticated, perfect bride way of course. I felt amazing in my dress, my waist has never looked smaller. I also did justice to those three new bikinis I bought for our honeymoon! Thank you Max, you are the best.

Danay Mariney Nazaire
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