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As a coach, motivator, and trainer, my job is to encourage people to be better than they were before.  When I sit down with a person that I am about to work with for the first time, the words “accountability”, “motivation”, “encouragement” and the phrases, “pushing the envelop”, or “a kick in the pants” get thrown around a lot.  I’m not big on kicking pants or pushing envelops but I am all about individuals making the decision to be the best that they can be on that day, for that minute, or to break it down even further, in that exact moment.


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Usually when one works out, if they are really challenging their limits while working out, there are defining moments during the workout where fatigue sets in, and the mind and body wonders, “Can I do one more?”.  Most people say heck no, and stop.  The unfortunate thing about that decision is that it usually translates to work performance, business decisions, martial challenges, and a lot of other things that people would like to see more success in.   The words that I use to reverse that mind set is “One more”.  When I say one more, I am usually referring to the last repetitions in a work out.  I am asking the person to push past their comfort zone and to push for another rep.  It is a a mental decision but it is initiated through the spirit first.


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Everyone has a spirit that pushes past the impossible, that navigates through the undo-able and that makes the unmake-able.  Some call it the holy spirit, some call it the human spirit, others call it your inner self, but whatever it is, you have “IT” and it works just like your muscles.  The more you train it, the stronger it becomes.



When I encourage my students to do one more, 9 times out of 10 they complete that extra rep and as a result, they are better for it.   So in conclusion, think about what can you do “one more” of in your life that will enhance your situation.  Can you give your children one more hug to let them know that you care for them and support them?  Can you do one more project to influence your employer to give you a promotion at your job?  Can you do the research for one more investment that can set you up financially for life?  Challenge your self to push past your comfort zone.  When you do “one more”, the possibilities are endless.

When was the last time that you pushed your hardest?  Please share in the comment box below what are some of the things that you are doing in your life right now that is a little pass your comfort zone.
Thanks and God bless!


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