Go hard or go home?  NO!  Signs that will tell you if you are over training.



You’ve finally decided that you are going to the gym, and are going to workout and take your wellness seriously, right? Right!  You line up your tank top, put on your tights, lace up your $125 dollar shoes and your $30 pair of socks.  Right before you go into the gym, you look at your phone.

You see that crazy buff dude with veins coming out of his veins, bench pressing 425 pounds.  Next, you see a picture with the half model half ballerina doing a yoga pose with the bottom of her foot bent in a way that it touches her head. Finally, you see some overzealous joker who’s doing so much that it’s actually more along the lines of acrobatics rather than fitness.  He’s doing jump squats on the swiss ball, and then does burpees because they are so hard core. Is it necessary for him to jump squat on a swiss ball while risking life and death?  In my mind, it is not worth the risk at all, but to him his rationale is that it looks good.   When you see these folks all of the pictures have the caption that says, “Go hard or go home”.

Exercise ball squats.


Somewhere right now as you read, there is somebody who are doing clean and presses for an outlandish amount of reps until they are blue in the face.  There is another person right now who is extremely tired, but decided to work out because they wanted to post their workout on Instagram so that everyone can be aware of how hard they go and how fit they are.  For some people, going hard means working out despite having an injury for the sake of going hard.   I have two words for these individuals:  Stop It!!!  Because of you, we have officially created a hotbed for overtraining.


Here are some signs to figure out if you are over training:

  1. Extreme soreness in muscles
  2. Insomnia
  3. Depression/mage issues
  4. Increase in injury
  5. Lack of concentration
  6. Lack of Motivation
  7. Halted progress
  8. Mood swings, Irritability


Here’s what you can do to prevent over training:

  1. Listen to your body sometimes – When your body aches all over, sometimes it can be a good idea to sit that workout out.
  2. Eat well – Eating well will boost your energy, improve your workouts, and help your muscles to recover.
  3. Sleep enough- 7-9 hours is essential for muscle recovery and for an improvement in performance.
  4. Never schedule more than 2 very hard days in a row unless you are being coached.  Even professional athletes have easy training days. Years of studies show that exercisers who mix easy days with intense days see the best results.  Give it a try and then thank me later :-).

At the end of the day, we all have peaks and valleys.  No one can move 100 miles per hour all of the time.  It’s very similar to when you are behind the wheel, and you have that uber aggressive driver who’s speeding and risks his life and yours to cut you off, thinking that it will get him to his destination faster.  Then as you pull up to the red light, you realize that he’s right there.  And what do you do?  You smile.  Your path is yours and yours alone.  Your wellness journey is unique.  It’s always great to draw inspiration from any place that  it may come from, but keep your main focus on your individual journey.  Develop a routine for yourself and then work towards executing that plan.  Make adjustments to your program as you move along, rest when you need to and  listen to your body.



Wellness Expert Maxim Nazaire is a Personal Trainer in the Roswell, GA and metro Atlanta area.  He specializes in double digit weight loss, injury rehabilitation and athletic/human performance.  He is the author of two critically-acclaimed books including his latest book, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wellness.  Nazaire is a graduate of the School of Health Science and Public Health at Stony Brook University in New York.  He is also Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and holds the honor of Level 1 Coach from the United States Track and Field Association (USATF).  Maxim has been featured on CNN Headline News Health as their go to health contributor where he shares his philosophy on wellness with television viewers all over the world.   Nazaire is a highly sought after motivational speaker, captivating audiences from every walk of life. He is married to his wife Danay Nazaire and currently reside in Atlanta, GA.