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Hi, my name is Danay. I am Max’s wife, and the she side of Fit2DMax I suppose you could say. Newly married, and even more newly pregnant, I have started to chronicle some of my journey. I am no fitness expert genius like my husband, but I figured opening a few windows into my life could offer a little humor, encouragement, and honesty as it relates to day to day issues that women face when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I have always been pretty athletic. Growing up the little sister of two older brothers, I loved sports more than I did dolls. That being said, staying in good shape was never really a challenge….before. But now the age of thirty has passed me by and a baby girl is changing all of that.  I will be facing challenges unlike any I have ever faced before.

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Feel free to join me in my new adventures, as my waistline disappears and I traverse across these exciting and foreign lands of motherhood.

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