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Back in the saddle again, kind of…

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It was a beautiful spring evening in Atlanta, and the air was that just right spring kind of perfect. Warm but not hot, with a light breeze revealing itself every so often.  I could not have asked for more perfect running conditions. My husband Max and I had dubbed Tuesday’s to be our evening run and two dollar tacos night. So we found a parking space and I began to gather myself for my first time running in about three months. Peering at the shattered window glass by our car I said a silent prayer and put a Bible in the front seat. If I would have known what awaited me I would have left the car out of it and just prayed for myself.


I was feeling a bit confident. Proudly sporting a tight coral top that showed my small emerging tummy, which at this point just looked more like I had one too many beers. Going off of my memory of three to four months ago, I was pretty sure I could run a fair distance. As of late, I had my energy back that had been robbed of me by my first trimester, so although I knew it wouldn’t be a piece of cake I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. Here we go, back in the saddle. Well, after what was only a minute but felt like twenty, I knew I was in danger of failing miserably. I slowly saw my pride slip down to the concrete and get trampled over. I could hardly breath. Each step felt like a desperate crawl. I was so embarrassed. My poor husband and his long legs could barely run slow enough to stay with my turtle’s pace. After noticing my struggle Max concluded, as the time keeper, that our running increments in between walking would have to be shortened. I continued to struggle throughout the duration of my attempted walk-run. Each slight incline felt like Mount Everest.  And so, that beautiful spring evening turned into a scorching and dry marathon through the Sahara.


And then there were tacos…thank God, there were tacos. They gave me life. I guess saying failed miserably may be just a bit dramatic. I by no means met my own standards, but I did accomplish something. A beginning. It may not have been the prettiest picture, but you’ve got to start somewhere right? No one gets into the best shape of their life over night. It’s going to take a little bit of ugly, to get to the beautiful. Clearly.



Looking forward to the beautiful