Garage Sessions


Due to the lack of the lazy river that runs most wonderfully through the park in my pregnant dreams,  I had to bring an end to my runs during lunch.  What an awesome idea though. Someone should really make that happen. Imagine a park just for pregnant women, with a lazy river they could exercise in, so when the belly’s get too big and the summer heat gets too hot, we can still enjoy nature whilst trying to have a healthy pregnancy. I take a minute to gather my thoughts and ponder upon all that facts that make this a completely nonsensical idea.  A girl can dream.  




Before the interruption of Georgia’s ninety three degree humid days, my runs had begun to take off.  It took a little while, but I got there.  I owe this mostly to my husband, and a piece of advice he gave me a while ago but that I didn’t put into practice until recently. He told me to breath in through my nose, and out through my mouth… and to get it in and out quickly and purposefully.  Simple enough, but I didn’t listen. My way was more comfortable, or so I thought. I took long and slow breaths, I think in some kind of attempt to control my heartbeat.  It doesn’t help that running with Max is like running with a silent machine. He doesn’t…make…a sound. Its as if he doesn’t struggle at all.  Meanwhile I try not to sound like a wild savage by his side breathing like a mad woman. However, one day at the park I decided to give his way a try.  Low and behold, it worked.  To my surprise, I could run much longer and it would take a lot longer for me to get tired. Week after week passed and my times kept improving. I became a proud Momma out there, sporting my pregnant belly while running with my head high.  Breathing with these quick purposeful breaths did make me sound somewhat likin to Cujo, but I’ve accepted that.



So with the park being out, and actually running being out altogether at this point, we had to find a way for me to still get some kind of movement in.  Hence, the garage sessions. Trees have been replaced with shelves stocked with ten year old paint, and butterflies have been replaced by dust flurries. But it’s actually quite delightful. I walk on our treadmill under a steady breeze, courtesy of our floor fan.. and mission accomplished. You really just have to get it in where, when, and how you can. As I only have four weeks left until Talia’s due date, I’m honestly not getting that much in any longer.  Twenty five minute walks here and there is about all I’m up for these days…and they are becoming more and more scarce. I honestly can’t believe that in four weeks our baby girl will be here.  The time has literally flown by like a freight train. I try to imagine the moment I will see her for the first time.  It’s still pretty surreal.  I have the strangest combination of emotions going on within me.  Thrill, excitement, wonder, a little fear. The good kind of fear though.  I call it roller coaster fear.  As you hear the click of the track and slowly rise atop the first hill, you’re a little scared of the fall that awaits you… but you also can’t wait for it.  With hands up and a smile from ear to ear you embrace the rush.  




See you on the other side of labor…