Exercise and Weight LossMany of us first join a fitness club for the combined benefits of exercise and weight loss.  Others want to bulk up and gain muscle mass.  But did you know that there are some wonderful secret benefits that many fitness enthusiasts rarely discuss?  It’s true.  Exercise offers tremendous benefits for the body, mind, and spirit.

It is not uncommon to feel somewhat intimidated of joining a new gym.  The underlying fear of possibly walking onto the gym floor while surrounded by perfectly toned physiques and buff bodies often keeps many people from joining.  But for those of us who keep coming back, this fear and anxiety quickly disappears.  People of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds go to the gym.  In fact, many lifelong fitness enthusiasts keep exercising well into their golden years for a wide range of reasons other than exercise and weight loss.

Exercise for the Body

  • Exercise helps to boost the immunity system.
  • Improved immunity means fewer sick days.
  • For those recovering from a chronic illness, a regular workout routine can help expedite the healing process.
  • Others workout to prevent disease or possible injury from an otherwise active lifestyle.
  • Working out gives us more physical energy and stamina throughout the day.  We can get more done and at a faster rate.

Exercise for the Mind

  • Did you know that going to the gym can make you smarter?  Cardiovascular exercise can produce exercise can produce new brain cells and improve overall performance.
  • Exercise can also help us to focus better and concentrate longer.
  • With this newly increased attention span, we witness a better and faster decision-making process.
  • Exercise also sharpens the memory by increasing cell production of the area of the brain called the hippocampus.
  • Medical studies show that exercise can also prevent exercise can also prevent cognitive decline in later years.

Exercise for the Spirit

  • Exercise increases the body’s production of endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria.
  • Getting sweaty at the gym causes the body to slow down its production of cortisol levels that can cause feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • For recovering addicts, physical activity stimulates dopamine production, the “reward chemical” that keeps us addicted to so many things, like drugs, alcohol, food, or even shopping.
  • Exercise is a natural cure for chronic depression.  According to WebMD, “regular exercise seems to encourage the brain to rewire itself in positive ways.”
  • Medical studies show that those who exercise witness a surge in creativity for about two hours afterward.

While exercise and weight loss may be initial reasons for joining a gym, most of us begin to discover the other secret benefits fairly quickly.  As we begin to see positive results and a new physical transformation, we also become more confident and assertive, which can help us physically, mentally, emotionally, and even socially.   For more information on the many benefits of exercise and weight loss, contact one of the personal trainers at Fit2DMax today.