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“I’m So Glad That I Got Started…I Lost Over 70 Lbs!”

Well, I was sick and tired of my weight and how uncomfortable I was. I was really disappointed in all the various programs I started, either I stopped or there was a little results.

When I started the Fit2DMax Program it was hard to make myself a priority and schedule the time to work out. Caring for my ailing mother while she was making her transition was stressful. The doctor added a high blood pressure pill. Emotional eating and no activity is deadly combination. I finally made up in my mind that I deserved the time and that my weight loss was a matter of life and death.

When I started working with Fit2DMax I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the class. I told myself that couldn’t keep up with the “young ‘ins” and that I will slow them down. I’m glad that I went despite my internal fears that I had. Fit2DMax customized the program to fit by abilities. And I’m so glad that I did!

I feel better, I look better and the desire to be flexible and moving

It feels good to lose over 70 lbs — It is really liberating not to be a addicted to food and to have so much energy !

I love the Fit2DMax program. I felt that I accomplished something great. And it surprised me that I like the challenge of pressing towards my fitness goals. I’m so glad that I got started!

“Ivory Richardson

“In A Loving Way Fit2DMax Pushed Us Beyond What We Believed We Could Do.”

“Montell Jordan, Grammy Recording Artist

“Bum Knee? You Can Still Have Great Legs.”

“Maxim Nazaire, Owner of Fit2DMax Roswell, GA hosting a Wellness segment on CNN Headline News!

“I Wholeheartedly Endorse Fit2DMax”

“Nancy Meck

As a mother of three it can be quite challenging to maintain good health. It’s really easy to get swept away by the schedule of recitals, school functions, games, house work etc. When I came to Fit2DMax, my goal was to get my figure back before I had children. With the guidance of Fit2DMax and the encouragement that I got from Maxim and my group members, I can honestly say that I’m leaner, stronger, and look better than I did before I had my first child. I thank Fit2DMax for pushing to me to get there.

“Chrissie Wyat

“Thank You Max, You Are The Best!”

I started working with Max eight months before our wedding. Our sessions were therapeutic. With all the craziness going on with the wedding planning, it was a lovely retreat to burn off some steam. Max encouraged me to push beyond and reach levels of strength and endurance that I had never reached before. He doesn’t let you get away with not challenging yourself, but he is also kind and patient with you as you break through and out of your old comfort zones. Fast forward to my wedding day, my arms were diesel!… in the most lady like, sophisticated, perfect bride way of course. I felt amazing in my dress, my waist has never looked smaller. I also did justice to those three new bikinis I bought for our honeymoon! Thank you Max, you are the best.

“Danay Mariney Nazaire

I have been training with Maxim for about a year and a half. (I have worked out with a personal trainer for 10 + years) Having moved to ATL from out of state, I was looking for someone who would continue to challenge me yet keep my age (50’s) and physical issues in mind. I have definitely found that with Maxim. Maxim is a great trainer who listens, sets goals and helps me achieve them. He’s extremely reliable, genial and conscientious. I have also witnessed what he has accomplished with other clients who have reached some amazing heights in their physical strength, agility as well as weight loss. He trains men and women from age 15 to well over 70 with fantastic results!

“Maureen Lomenick

“I Can Not Thank You Enough For Creating The Fit2DMax Program.”

Thank you Fit2DMax for your guidance and motivation over the last few years. I feel fitter, look fitter, and in general feel better than I have in years. As an ER doctor, I spend a lot of time on my feet which causes a lot of back pain. My back has significantly improved since we started working out and I’m doing lifts that I didn’t think I would ever get back into.

“Dr. Josh Hargraves

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